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ABUS Bike Locks – Top 5 Picks

ABUS bike locks are well known for their quality features and design. For people who cannot choose between the variety of bike locks on the market today, ABUS is an easy choice. This article will talk about the best ABUS bike locks and why they are the best.

About ABUS

ABUS is a German company that started manufacturing high quality bike locks in 1924.  The company has continued over four generations of family.  Engineers and tool makers have helped them gain popularity around the world.

ABUS uses only the highest grade materials and conducts rigorous testing on their products.  They are always upgrading their bike lock features with innovative designs.

List of ABUS Bike Locks

1# ABUS Granit Bordo X-Plus 6500 Folding Lock

Make use of this ABUS branded bike lock to protect your belonging with its high security measures. The lock has 5.5 mm steel bars and with soft, two component coating to prevent scratching to your bike.

A color matched silicone cover is used for the lock body and has soft-touch features for extra grip.  The link construction is compact enough to fold for travel.

The ABUS link protection shield offers you extra protection against the elements and potential theft with hardened stainless steel construction.  Two keys come with the lock and they feature a built in LED light for convenience.


2# ABUS steel-O-chain 880 key Bike chain lock

The ABUS Steel-O-Chain 880 key bike chain lock is made of high quality materials and manufactured with 7mm square chain.  The lock is covered in a fabric sleeve to prevent scratches or damage to your bike while in use.

The chain helps support the locking mechanism which is specially vented hardened stainless steel materials.  This material is made to be highly flexible making the ABUS bike chain lock convenient and compact for traveling purposes.

Two keys are included and the ABUS automated cylinder is drill resistant.  The user friendly reversible key can also be used in case of emergencies.

3# ABUS Bordo 5700 Folding Lock

Lock your bike or other valuables with the ABUS Bordo 5700 folding style bike lock.  It is made of 5mm hardened steel and can withstand cutting or attacks from tools.

The lock is color matched with durable link construction.  The flat design allows you to fold the lock for easy stowing and carrying.

This compact folding lock consists of linked bars attached via special security rivets.  The rotating lock body and premium lock cylinder offers extra protection against theft.

4# ABUS Tresor Chain 1385 Bike chain lock

If you plan to buy a new chain lock for your bike, the ABUS Tresor 1385 is the perfect choice.  It has a 7mm square chain enclosed in a protective fabric sleeve.  This protects your bike from scratches while in use.

The chain of this bike lock is made of hardened stainless steel and it is made to handle exposure to the elements.  The two components of the lock are molded to provide long-term use and durability.

With this bike lock, you get the added touch of being able to set or reset your own number combination.  The lock is also compact and easy to attach or carry on your bike.

5# Abus Cenero 970 Key Cable Bike Lock System

ABUS Cenero 970 key cable bike lock system consists of 25 mm of high quality steel cable to protect your bike from theft. Its synthetic coating prevent your bike from getting scratched or damaged while using the lock.

The ABUS Cenero 970 also has an automated lock function for added security.  The elements of the lock are built into the locking mechanism and are made of steel for added protection from tools or theft.

Two keys are included with this lock and for your convenience.  The ABUS plus locking cylinder is made well and can withstand the toughest attacks from a would-be thief.

I hope these reviews help you learn more about ABUS bike locks and help you pick the right model to protect your bike from theft.

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