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12 Best Chain Locks of 2017- Detailed Review

Have you ever wanted a bike chain locks? You have probably seen them before and you’re probably familiar with how they can protect your bike from theft.

This article will show you, in detail, the different types of popular chain locks that are on the market today.

What is a Chain Lock?

A chain lock is a series of links made up of steel or some other material along with a lock.  The steel can be covered with paint or a branded cover.  You can use this as a padlock too.

Why Buy a Chain Lock for Your Bike?

To safeguard your bikes, you will need a chain bike lock. There are two different types of chain locks, namely lightweight and heavyweight bike locks.

Lightweight chain locks can be carried with you wherever you go, whereas heavyweight chain locks cannot be carried with you, but can fit on your bike.

The advantage of chain locks when compared to other bike locks is that they have a high level of security along with the heavy weight.

The material used in the chain lock is steel, but they are also made up of other materials too.  The locking mechanism can be quite strong and the chain lock will not break even if it is attacked vigorously. They are reliable and durable.

Chain locks come with in several lengths.  If you are choosing a heavier chain lock, go for the shorter length but be careful in selecting it.  Longer chain locks that are small can be a waste of time and money.

How to Choose the Best Chain Lock for You?

There are many different sizes of chain locks available in the market, namely 9mm  chain locks, 10mm chain locks, 12mm chain locks, 14mm chain locks, 15mm chain locks and 16mm chain locks. Let’s talk about every type of chain lock in brief.

9 MM Chain Locks

This kind of chain lock can be easily cut through by the thieves using a bolt cutter when they get in the right position. When you compare this with the cable lock, this product is one of the best chain locks.

Are you looking for a bike lock that is affordable and alternative to cable locks? Then choose this 9MM chain lock without any hesitation.

Two Best Picks of 9MM Chain Locks: After researching, analyzing and testing the various 9mm chain locks, I have selected the top 2 best picks of the chain locks.

Our #1 Pick: 1.9MM Chain Bicycle Lock from Kryptonite

First, the price of this product, they are affordable when compared to other chain locks. They are a four-sided chain with 9mm thickness, and the links are made up of a manganese steel.

They are made of drill resistant materials, and also, are one of the lightweight chain locks when compared with others. There are two different keys for the purpose of safety.

You will be able to attach this chain lock to your bike quickly. They come in many different sizes including 5″, mini 21″, 37.5″. They are available in black and blue.

Our #2 Pick: 2.9MM Bicycle Chain  Lock from Abus

Abus Bicycle Chain Lock is one of the most expensive chain locks when compared to the previous chain lock reviewed. They are available in different colors namely black, blue, orange, etc. The length of this chain lock is about 110 cm, and they are in the shape of hexagonal with 9mm thickness.

They are made up of fabric sleeve which keeps the product durable and reliable. There are two keys supplied with the product to safeguard your bike. The key holder has an automatic cover, and this provides perfect protection for your bike.

There is a padlock that comes with integrated locking capability.

10 Mm Chain Locks

The next type of chain lock with a little more security, when compared to the 9mm, is the 10MM chain locks. They are a consistent option for the practicability and security, This kind of key lock can also be broken by using medium sized bolt cutters, however, they are best when compared to the 9mm chain locks.

Two different Picks of 10 Mm Chain Locks: The two best 10mm chain locks and their features are listed below.

Our #1 Pick: 1.10MM Chain Lock from On Guard

On Guard is one of the most well-known brands when it comes to security products for their users.  Let’s check out their chain lock here.

Talking about the price of this chain locks, they are affordable when compared to the 9mm chain locks.

They have a locking mechanism with an X2 double-bolt and are in the shape of the square.  The lock which is manufactured of steel that provides the maximum cut resistance.

The OnGuard cylinder, also made from OnGuard, is an option that provides excellent strength. There is also a sleeve over the crossbar for more security.

OnGuard bike locks are made from water and heat resistant materials that can protect the lock from any hazard. You will be provided with 4-5 keys with this product. OnGuard chain locks come in a variety of sizes including the 10mm.

Our #2 Pick: 2.10MM Chain Lock from SunLite

SunLite provides some of the best security products for their users. Let’s discuss this chain lock in detail.

Talking about the price, they are the most affordable chain lock available on the market today. Two different keys will be provided, and they come with a thickness of 10mm.

The SunLite chain lock is 110 cm in length and are available in various colors like black, brown, and blue. They are made of steel and covered with paint for the important protection.

They are weather resistant and made of waterproof materials.

12 MM Chain Locks

If you think about security from the point of view of being mobile, it might be easier to understand.  For example, if a potential thief can find the right way to cut the chain lock, he can quickly unlock it.

These chain locks can be cut by bolt cutters, but they are still one of the best chain locks available when compared to the previous two models.

Top 2 picks of the best 12MM Chain Locks: Here are two brands that provide the best 12mm bike chain locks.

Our #1 Pick: 1.12MM Disk Chain Lock From Kryptonite

Kryptonite is one of the leading manufacturers of chain locks, but all that aside, they are also the best manufacturer of security products.  Let’s take a look at their chain lock in detail.

The price of this product is high when compared to the previous chain locks I’ve reviewed. There is a crossbar disc design placed on the bike chain for the decent look.

They are available in 12mm thickness and have a six-sided chain made of manganese steel. You will get three different keys along with this product; one key will have a high intensity light.

They are 120 cm in length and are available in different colors; black, brown and blue. They come in two different sizes which are 5 feet 6 inches and 12 millimeter and 39 inches.

Our #2 Pick: 2.12MM Hex Chain Lock from OnGuard

First, let’s discuss the price of this product.  When compared to the other chain locks, they are not as expensive. There is a chain in a loop effect for the handy lock, and this comes with 12mm thickness.

The OnGuard chain lock features overall high security and an easy locking capacity.  The X2P is the featured dual lock mechanism and they come in a dimension of 110X12X0.47 inches.

They are available in either black or gray and come in various sizes with two keys, among them one with LED light to help you at night. They are about 9.2 pounds and easily attachable to the bike.

14 MM Bike Chain Locks

This type of chain lock is comparable to the next level when it comes to keeping your bike secure.  Still, they can be cut by a potential thief with the help of big bolt cutters if allowed a chance.  However, they are built with the maximum power to withstand attacks from bolt cutters.

Let us look at the top two brands who make a 14mm bike chain lock at an affordable price.

Top 2 Picks of 14MM Bike Chain Locks: Read more about the best two 14mm bike chain locks below:

Our #1 Pick: 1.14MM Kryptonite’s Disc Chain Lock

Are you searching for an affordable and durable bike lock? If so, Kryptonite would be the right choice for you. They are affordable and strong enough when compared to previous chain locks reviewed here.

They are made of manganese steel and the nylon webbing within the bike lock helps to get rid of the scratches. Apart from that, they allow tight coiling when wrapped around the bike frame.

They are constructed with a triple layer of steel which is heat-treated to withstand attacks from bolt cutters and tools. The lock is made in 14mm thickness and comes in hexagonal shape.

They can hold up to 16 tons of pressure too which means they can fend off potential thieves. They are available in black and comes in several different lengths.

Our #2 Pick: 2.OnGuard’s 14Mm Chain Lock for Bikes

Let’s start by talking about the price of this 14mm chain lock, they are expensive when compared to the previous brand. But if you are living in an area where crime is a problem, you should purchase this chain lock without hesitation.

This lock is built with high security to bear more than 16 tons of pressure from tools or bolt cutters. They come in a hexagonal shape and the 14mm thickness is one of the best parts of this bike chain lock.  Hexagonal links are best when compared to the square type. The advantage of this is that hexagonal bike locks cannot be cut easily, while the square links can.

They are available in black color and are made of manganese steel covered in a plain or branded wrap.

15Mm Chain Locks

The 15mm chain lock comes with a bigger lock made for extra security when compared with the 14mm chains.  Of course, this type of lock may also be cut by bolt cutters if the thief has the right opportunity.

Top 2 picks of 15MM Chain Locks: Read more below about the best picks for a 15mm bike chain lock.

Our #1 Pick: 1.15MM Chain Locks from Kryptonite

Let’s talk about the price of the 15mm chain lock from Kryptonite.  When compared to other brands, Krptonite is more expensive, however, they offer some of the best bike security on the market today.

They are manufactured of manganese steel, and the length of this 15mm thickness chain lock is about 150 cm. The weight of this lock is about 16.6 pounds, and they come with a dimension of 3.5X7.2X15.2 inches. They also have a variety of colors including black, yellow and white.

Our #2 Pick: 2.15MM Chain Locks from Artago Secure

Considering the price of this disc chain lock, they are considerable less expensive when compared to the previous products. They are adapted to the Mono Block System, and are available in a single color – black.

An anti-drilling disc and dust cover are available with this product, and there are three reversible keys for this chain lock. They can withstand any attacks from the potential thieves. The weight of this product is about 3 pounds and therefore it is very portable.

You can use this lock anywhere on your bike for the secure protection. They are made up of manganese steel, and anti-rust treatment can be found inside and out.

16 Mm Chain Locks

16mm bike chain locks are one of the most reliable chain locks that cannot be cut by bolt cutters or tools. They are the most secure chain locks available on the market. They are portable and can be placed anywhere on your bike.

Top 2 picks of the 16MM Chain Locks: Read more about the two best 16mm chain locks we found below:

Our #1 Pick: 16Mm Chain Locks from AlmaX

Almax is one of the popular manufacturers of security products, and they are known for their high quality products. This lock is produced with high safety standards and is available in different colors.

The weight of the product is about 9.15 lb which 4.15 in Kg. The length of this 16mm chain locks is 700 cm. If you need to protect your bike with the best chain lock, you should purchase this type of 16mm chain lock.

The price of this product is a little high, but they can be the best friend for you and your bike’s security.

Our #2 Pick: 16MM Chain Locks from Pragmasis

Do you need a chain lock that lasts longer with high efficiency and security? Then this would be the right choice.

The length of this product is about 100 cm, and they weigh about 5.5 kg. They are made of manganese steel and are available in a black color.  This bike lock is made with high-quality materials to withstand any large attack. You can get this product if you need a proper bike lock for your bike without even worrying about it.

Bottom Line About Chain Locks…

I hope you got some clear ideas on how to choose the best chain lock for your bikes. It is essential that you choose the best bike chain lock as they can safeguard your bike in a reliable way.

Any queries regarding the bike chain locks? Feel free to drop down your questions in the comment box below.

What type of mm chain locks are you using for safeguarding your bikes? Your views and ideas on chain locks are welcome.

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